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A Podcast: What’s In It For You?

A Podcast: what’s in it for you?

Are you the kind of mum that doesn’t have time to listen to a podcast? Than you need to listen to this one. Take the time, for yourself to know more, so you can do better. Mum’s The Word Podcast is Dr. Kaz Jaffe’s brainchild. An independent platform with high quality resources for soon to be mum’s, mum’s, early parents and anybody wanting to live a healthier, less stressful family life. Dr. Kaz explains:

‘I am first of all mum, then chiropractor and blessed to be your Mum’s The Word host too. Mum’s The Word is of a beautiful platform that brings knowledge and advice from experts to mum’s all over the world. My personal passion is natural birth and conscious parenting. However, there is so much knowledge in different categories. In what area of your life do you need help? We have so many hidden gems to choose from.’

All categories in the MTW Podcast:

Pre-conception: If you are thinking about having a baby and maybe over 30? Check out our pre-conception category.

–  Pregnancy: If you’re pregnant and want to know what options you have for natural birth and how you can prepare yourself?  Check out all casts in this nourishing category.

Birth: How, where, with whom and what can you do to have the birth you and your baby really want? This category is all about how to birth the way you want to.

Post-natal: it’s okay not to be okay and so much more that will resonate with all you new mothers. Have a look around.

Early-parenting: You’re a young parent and your baby just won’t eat, read, sleep…? We have some worthwhile answers right here.

The Best of: if you want to know which topics got the most listens, skip to The Best of and take your pick.

Mum’s The Word prepares you to use your passion for parenting to empower yourself, because now you have with the knowledge of choice. That is the reason Dr. Kaz Jaffe created Mum’s The Word. Please share this website with whoever needs a little help to be a better parent, we understand it takes a village to raise a child.

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