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How To Be A Rockstar When You Birth

How to be a Rockstar when you Birth

You can create your own amazing birth. Shalome Stone founder and editor of Rockstar Birth magazine and Rockstar birth Radio has dedicated her life to empower and inform you to do it, by yourself. Dr. Kaz interviewed her on Mum’s The Word Podcast, and this is an interview you really don’t want to miss. Tune in!

A few Birthing tips to get you warmed up:

Tip 1 Who are You: Never stop discovering yourself. You are (maybe) a mother, partner, lover, sister, daughter. Keep questioning how you can be in flow with all these versions of yourself.

Tip 2 Drug Free Birth: Stay curious about natural drug free births. Become nosy. Explore and find out what others do. So you can influence your birth.

Tip 3 Homebirth: Your body can do amazing things. Believe and stay true to your intuition. You can do it. At home. In your own pass.

Rockstar Birth Magazine gives you the tools and knowledge, every month throughout your pregnancy, to help you birth your baby the way you want to. Listen to the whole amazing interview with Shalome Stone right here.

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