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Hypnobirthing: The Subconscious Mind At Work

Hypnobirthing: the subconscious mind at work

What is hypnobirthing? So many requests for information and explanation on this subject from the community, we had to do a post. Dr. Kaz had the opportunity to ask Melbourne’s leading Hypnotherapists Alison Burton all about her work, mission and off course hypnobirthing on the Mum’s The Word Podcast.

Alison Burton gives answers to the following questions:

– How can you relax through the process of birthing, between and during contractions?

– What can breathing and visualisation do for you and the baby during labour?

– Hypnosis helps you tune into the subconscious instead of the conscious mind, what does that mean?

– How can you prepare yourself for hypnobirthing.

– Is it for everybody?

How did Alison become a hypnobirthing expert?

Alison’s interest in hypnosis began in the 70’s while at university. When Alison fell pregnant in 1982 with her daughter, she read a book called ‘Childbirth Without Violence’ by Frederick Lobbyer. It inspired her to try to find a hypnotherapist to support her during her labour. Whilst she couldn’t find someone willing to do this, using her own skills, she had a great, 6 hour labour.  In 2002, when the first Hypnobirthing Practitioner training came to Melbourne, she was front and center and has been teaching ever since.

She now has three adult children and two grandchildren.

Listen to the whole interview with Alison Burton on Mum’s The Word Podcast right here. Or have a look at our other blogposts here.

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