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The Stress Code Cracked

The Stress Code Cracked

People need to understand the influence of stress on their DNA. Colds, a virus, lowered resistance all come up during much cortisol in your body. Your immune system doesn’t work to it’s full potential, so when you go on vacation and start relaxing you become sick. Dr. Damian Kristof talks honestly and humorously about his way to crack the stress code.

Stress Builds Up

Your immune system can only do it’s job when there is no cortisol in the body.  Stress also builds up during time. You may feel a little stressed now, by the end of the month all the build up will give your body a fully stressful experience . So how can you crack the code? There are 4 different stages that you go through.

What will you get out of this podcast?

  • Get rid of prolonged periods of stress!
  • There are 4 stages, don’t reach the last one; insomnia.
  • How do you decrease the levels in the body?
  • What does chiropractic care do to relieve?
  • Why should stress make you happy?
  • What can your poo tell you about how stressed you are?

Listen to the whole podcast with Damian Kristof.

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