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Miscarriage: An Open Story

Miscarriage: an open story

As a qualified nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Goodness Gracious Health, Grace Miano is passionate about helping women achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Grace not only shares her insights gained through the painful process of having suffered through two miscarriages, but also the strength she ultimately derived from the experience.  Dr. Kaz interviews her so you can get first hand motivation and maybe some closure.

E-book & Program

Grace gives her support, principally, via her e-book and program “Angels to Rainbows”. A holistic approach which includes support in the healing process after loss and in conceiving again, proper dietary supplementation and recourse to a variety of other options.

Miscarriage An Isolating Experience

Miscarriages, despite being common, can also be quite isolating. Talking to fellow mothers, can help connect with others and raise awareness. Grace’s experiences, both personal and professional, inform her sense of how vital it is to speak out on this subject.

Why talk about Miscarriages:

  • You will feel less alone after experiencing a miscarriage
  • You will understand another mother’s miscarriage experience
  • You can be encouraged to speak about your own loss and grief in order to set the healing process in motion
  • You will be empowered to be more aware in caring for yourself

Free Book Offer:

Grace is offering you a free copy of all three of her e-books, including Angels to Rainbows: Healing and preconception care after pregnancy loss so you can conceive your rainbow baby. When booking in for the Angels to Rainbows program or a single initial consultation (in person or online).

Wake-Up Call

Grace has used her ordeal as a vital wake-up call motivating her to take better care of herself.  She has initiated new patterns in her life, sought out affirmations and made use of a variety of resources on the road to self-improvement. Listen to the whole podcast right here and maybe it can help and motivate you too.

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