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Autism: A Mother’s Extraordinary Journey

Autism: a mother’s extraordinary journey

Kinta Gitsham an ordinary mum who has had a extraordinary journey through motherhood. A stay at home mother of three. She found that gut health was the solution to a lot of their problems. Kinta’s quote: ‘Don’t Judge me. You can’t handle half of what I’ve dealt with. There is a reason I do the things I do. There is a reason I am who I am’. Listen to her heartfelt story on Mums The Word Podcast.

Follow Your Gut

Through heavy medication for both Kinta and her youngest, Archie and with Kinta almost giving up on life. Through years of searching and never giving up on hope, she has now found many answers through gut health, which consists of living a chemical free life where we eat real whole nutritious food.

Road to Recovery

Through following her ‘gut intuition’ and addressing the families extensive gut issues and inflammation, they have successfully begun a massive recovery and are both off all medication and are beginning to thrive.

Spread Awareness

She is now super passionate about spreading this awareness to help as many people as she can to know they are not alone and where to find the help and support so that they too can also begin to thrive.

Kinta’s story and mission is on the cast, learn and listen.


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