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Podcast: Birth Trauma Myths Unravelled

Podcast: Birth Trauma Myths Unravelled

She started her successful doula business, BEBO MIA because she felt there was a need for maintaining a strong family relationship and a healthy mental wellbeing. A community where family’s and care takers can keep in touch and share knowledge. After ten years BEBO MIA has grown and morphed into an international online company where she offers training and mentorship for women in the maternal heath field. Bianca Sprague doula and lactation educator speaks to Dr. Kaz about birth trauma’s myths.

Sneak Peek Insights:

Loss of control around your body, your baby and your birth is what starts a trauma. Not when a woman gets to decide the steps taken during a birth, even if you go from home birth to C-section. Your feelings need to be validated.

People believe or are told that you will forget about your Post-Partum Depression when you have another baby or if you give it time. This is not true. You need professional help.

Listen to the whole interview here.

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