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What to Expect Next

Wellbeing Chiropractic is celebrating its 6th birthday this month. We love reminiscing how we started back in 2011. We also…

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Forward head posture

How well your brain works has everything to do with the posture of our cervical spine (neck). Our body is…

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Tips To Be Successful

Dr. Karen Jaffe, founder of Wellbeing Chiropractic shares her driving forces to be successful and how she is able to…

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It’s Tummy Time

Babies, like seeds, are little packages waiting for the right input so they can spring up and embrace their newly…

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Naked Running

Are your feet ready? Take your running to the next level. Reduce injuries, or are you simply tired of spending…

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High Heel Hell

They make you taller, make your legs look longer, and all-around look fantastic. So what could possibly be wrong with…

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Avoiding Flat Heads

Baby car safety capsules that click in and out of your vehicle sure are safe, but unfortunately they are also…

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Ear Infection Defense

This is the time of year when we have a steady stream of parents bringing their children into Wellbeing Chiropractic…

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Help for Heartburn

Heartburn is one of those extremely annoying pregnancy side effects, and hard to treat effectively for any period of time.…

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