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Be True To Yourself

Be True To Yourself

‘Everything links back to childhood. The constant support and challenges the universe offers us is always expanding and contracting, and so are we. Nature is constantly teaching us the truth of ourselves. As humans, we forget that and want to chase pleasure, the positive, the support. However, in every moment there is positive and negative, but through our senses we can only perceive one at a time. With this knowledge, you can go back and look at your childhood and see that when you felt nobody was there for you, you now see who was there for you. It’s all perception, most of the time your senses are misguiding you.’ Bridget Wood is a writer, speaker, event manager and coach with a vision to raise our collective consciousness on aware parenting. 

As Mothers We Think We are In Control

‘But we are not. There is a divine order where we need to have both support and challenges, that is what love boils down to. If the mother is super protective there will be a father that is possible very strict, or the child will run into challenges in the playground. It’s out of our control. There is an enormous freedom if you can recognise this divine order of things, it’s what we need to grow into authentic human beings.’

A Successful Family is not about Peace and Unity

‘It’s about growth. Kids come into our lives to push our buttons. It’s so incredible that our kids reflect the things we find the hardest in ourselves. Children see the world differently to us. There is no one world, it’s our view of it. Give your children the gift of creating their own path. How do we get to who we are while still being the mothers we want to be for our children and let them grow as authentically as they can. Ask better questions. The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of questions we ask ourselves. If you come up with better questions, you come up with better answers, better solutions and better ways of being.’

Event Manager, Coach, Mother, Aware Parenting
Event Manager, Coach, Mother, Aware Parenting

Bridget Wood

The Sky is not the Limit your Believe System is

‘We all have a service that we have to give to this world. If you are not doing that for yourself how can you teach your children to be who they need to be. See your children as whole person, they need to learn pain and disappointment too.

This blogpost is an extract from Mum’s The Word Podcast: Listen to the whole interview on Mum’s The Word Podcast sponsored by Wellbeing Chiropractic and hosted by our own Dr. Kaz.

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