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New Year Gift: Free 30 Min Fit Test

New Year Gift: Free 30 min Fit Test

What if you could start the new year with an up-to-date view on how fit you really are? Getting your body into shape starts by knowing your weak spots and then taking little steps to a healthier, stronger you.

In collaboration with Dr. Kaz’s Personal Trainer Nancy Eeltink we want to offer you a free training sessions of 30 minutes which includes;

  1. fit test

  2. core stability test

  3. balance check

  4. fat measurements

Please send an email before 9th of January 2018 to or call 06-12258523 Personal Trainer Nancy Eeltink will set up a noncommittal Fit Test.

Personal Trainer, Health & Mental Coach Nancy Eeltink (46)

‘It’s such a privilege to be able to work with so many strong career women, mothers especially. Every time I work with a mother I see how her body gets stronger and her mind too. It’s empowering to be able to create that kind of shift in somebody’s life.

My name is Nancy Eeltink. I have been into sports for 25 years. I started as a Personal Trainer in 2010 after working as an Office Manager for 13 years. My mission is to change people’s life as it did mine after my burn out in 2008.

A couple of years ago I connected with ‘expat mummy’ Alla Feldman, as she hired me as her personal trainer to get back into shape. I was introduced into the ‘expat mummy’s world’ thanks to her recommending me.

Ever since that day I have trained women during, before and after their pregnancy. Some even started training together with their husbands as a duo, once they started feeling the benefits from feeling fit.

My specialties and focus points with my clients are:

• Core stability/ neck and back problems
• Fit pregnancy (before, during and after) also possible in small groups 4 pers. max.
• Bikini fit program
• Burn out reduction training program

• Fluent Dutch & English
• Home training possibilities
• Studio near Wellbeing Chiropractic

Hope to see you in 2018!

Love Nancy’

Please send an email before 9th of January 2018 to or call 06-12258523 Personal Trainer Nancy Eeltink will set up a noncommittal Fit Test.

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