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A simple explanation of your central nervous system and how it monitors and coordinates all the functions of your body.

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You may not realize it, but the magic that created you from two cells is still inside you. At Wellbeing we call that magic innate intelligence. This intelligence can be blocked, a subluxation. Watch the video and find out how our chiropractors at Wellbeing Amsterdam can help you flow again.

Tip 1    : Be passionate about your body. Search for ways to nurture it. Take warm baths or get a massage.

Tip 2    : Make it a priority to check if you are aligned. Before problems occur.

Tip 3    : Make sure that what goes into your body is going to fuel and nourish you.

Tip 4    : Find people around you that you can talk to and explain your physical or mental situation. A community.

Tip 5    : Take time to breathe, reconnect, and have fun.

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