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“As a female wellness entrepreneur and a mum, I recognise the need to take down time and to care for myself also.

When I do, everything flows. I’m connected, fresh ideas come with ease and I am more present for the people I serve.”

Dr. Karen Jaffe, Founder of Wellbeing Chiropractic

5 Tips to Be Successful

Dr. Karen Jaffe, founder of Wellbeing Chiropractic shares her driving forces to be successful and how she is able to keep evolving and sane as both a busy entrepreneur and a single mum. Listen to her 5 tips & tools to keep ahead of the game.


Tip 1    : Be passionate about your work. Search for work that doesn’t feel like a “job”.

Tip 2    : Take care of your body. Its the only one you will get.  Make it a priority before problems occur.

Tip 3    : Make sure that what goes into your body is going to fuel and nourish you.

Tip 4    : Find your Tribe and if you can’t find it, Create one.

Tip 5    : Take time to breathe, reconnect, and have fun.

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