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5 Steps To Optimum Chiropractic Care

5 steps to optimum chiropractic care

All Mums, all into a healthy lifestyle and all 4 team members of Wellbeing Chiropractic have a thorough understanding of the benefits of Chiropractic care. To maintain this knowledge, to help you and your family be the best they can be, they take a yearly business trip to The Edinburgh Lectures called ‘Connecting the Dots’, an International Chiropractic seminar. This was before the pandemic in 2018.


At Wellbeing Chiropractic, the Chiropractic Assistant’s (CA) see themselves as ambassadors and great fans of natural and non-invasive health care. Therefore they have a more than basic understanding and love for Chiropractic. Joanna Janiga-Wojtowicz has been Dr. Kaz’s CA for 2,5 years. Joanna has made a Top 5 Edinburgh Lectures insight-list especially for you so that you can understand Wellbeing Chiropractic’s mission a bit better.


Insight 1:     Chiropractic is an Investment in the Future

‘The CA mostly has first contact with a new patient. We offer information on how Chiropractic care can help, but also to thoroughly try to understand what health question the client has. We are there to help Dr. Kaz, so we need to ask the right questions so we can inform her and give the new client the best first visit possible. Because we have a passion for chiropractic we love to inform. Chiropractic is an investment in the future, not a way to stop pain, but to prevent pain. I tell new patients what they can gain from our care. I for example sleep better, I’m not as foggy as I used to be and all my digestion problems are solved since I started chiropractic. By offering these insights, Dr. Kaz can work her magic.’


Insight 2: A Holistic Approach

‘Dr. Karen has a vision for the practice. We want our clients foremost and people in general to ‘Live a Full Life’. We all share this vision so we can run the practice with a holistic approach and based on the same values. There are very strict protocols we abide by, to ensure that all client information is complete and approached accordingly. For our clients, this means that it doesn’t matter who you talk to, we are all in the know on your improvement and can help to inform you about suggestions and the advice Dr. Kaz has given you.’


Insight 3: Communicate Your Care Plan

Our Care Plan is the basis of everything. Dr. Kaz makes your plan and we communicate this to you also so that you have a good understanding of the commitment and benefits. For example, if Dr. Kaz would give you exercises or diet goals, the CA has an important task to ask if all this information is clear and how and why you need to commit to this plan. We all have a basic knowledge of the philosophy. Because Chiropractic is also an investment in the future it is paramount that you help your body to hold and maintain the adjustments. By drinking water, exercises, getting enough sleep and sufficient rest. All these tips differ per client and are stated in your care plan.’


Insight 4: You should feel at home

‘We value and respect every patient. And we try to run a comfortable and flexible practice. Because we have a lot of young patients, it can sometimes be hectic. So we offer kids entertainment, toys, books and fruit. All our clients understand that when there are children present, it will be a bit noisy. However, it also adds to the vibrant atmosphere of our practice. We find it important that you feel at home, no matter what your situation is.’


Insight 5: Life by Chiropractic Philosophy

‘The knowledge we come back with from our seminars is unprecedented. It helps us grow as CA’s, we meet other CA’s and Chiropractors from around the globe and chiropractors and we’re immersed in the natural health world known as Chiropractic. If natural health and wellbeing is not your preferred way of life, we we would like to inspire you integrate it in your life successfully. We all live by the philosophy, we hope we can help you to do so too.’

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