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A Free & Fearless Online Mothers Group

A Free & Fearless Online Mothers Group

A platform where soon-to-be mum’s, mum’s and young parents can listen to fearless topics. Wellbeing Chiropractic and Mum’s The Word Podcast (MTW) founder, Dr Kaz Jaffe, has never been mainstream. As a chiropractor, she gives her clients more knowledge than they bargained for. MTW is an extension of that knowledge. A platform where you can go to, to find lengthy answers to questions around topics you might have never thought about.   A free and fearless online mothers group. We asked Dr.Kaz Jaffe a few questions for.

How did the idea for the podcast arise?

‘I am Australian born and raised but have been living in Amsterdam for more than 11 years. Those two birthing cultures are very dissimilar. How I birthed here, a natural home water birth with a doula, I would be considered such a hippy in Australia.  I had to go through a lot of stigma and media to find out what my personal truths were. This is how MTW was born. That journey and knowledge that came from it, is all processed in the podcast.’

Your main focus is to help mothers make decisions?

‘Yes, however the podcast is also slightly selfish. I get to have amazing guests on and learn from them.  Their journey intrigues me also. But yes, the main focus is helping young mothers. The feedback I have been receiving is awesome. Mothers have come to the practice to tell me they have made the decision to have a homebirth because of me. It’s wonderful.’

What topics can we listen to?

‘It’s not all my thoughts, my guests on the show have bold stories to tell. Topics like Lotus Birth, Not Cutting the Umbilical Cord, Extended Breast Feeding are all in there. I wanted to make information more accessible for a global audience and save myself time too. I can refer my clients with questions to the MTW-website. For the guests on the show it is also a great opportunity to deliver their wisdom to a broader audience and touch more people.’

You’re on 85 topics now. Is there more to come?

Technically everything was originally aimed for the 0-5 year olds, pre-conception to young parenting. However, information does change. What was going on a few years ago may differ from what mothers are going through right now. But for now the 85 episodes are enough information for mothers to be able make free and fearless decisions.’

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