At the heart of what we do is a passion for helping people thrive and experience life to the fullest.


At the heart of what we do is a passion for helping people thrive and experience life to the fullest.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of what Wellbeing Chiropractic Amsterdam does  is a passion for helping people thrive and experience life to the fullest. We believe in the possibility of full health and vitality for everyone, regardless of your circumstances. Chiropractic care is our contribution in making that happen for our families, communities, and ourselves.


Everything we do, think, and feel is ruled by our central nervous system. Housed in the brain and spinal column, it is the source of our ability to function, heal, and live.

When something interferes with how it works, we can experience conditions ranging from allergies and asthma to migraines, neck or back pain, low energy, and more. We call these interferences vertebral subluxations.

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We specialize in chiropractic for pregnancy, babies, and children, but welcome clients of all ages and walks of life. Our internationally trained chiropractors use state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to realign your body and restore you to full health. No guesswork, just pure science.


When we discover blocks in your body and remove them, you not only feel better, but heal better. Your central nervous system performs at optimal capacity—and so do you. We offer people from all walks of life a lasting, natural way to experience a whole new level of wellness and achieve your health goals—free from medication or surgery.

Meet the Team

Principal Chiropractor

Dr. Karen Jaffe
BAppSc (ClinSc) BCSc (Honours) CACCP

I’m Dr. Karen Jaffe, Founder and Principal Chiropractor at Wellbeing. I’m an Australian-born chiropractor specializing in pregnancy and pediatrics.

My passion lies in transforming people’s perception of health. I firmly believe that taking care of your nervous system for optimum health is a conscious choice—and it’s part of my mission to guide people to make that choice.

It’s incredibly rewarding to see our clients experience how chiropractic can completely transform how they function, heal, and live.

I founded Wellbeing Chiropractic in 2011, the same year I became the first woman to be awarded the Netherlands’ Chiropractor of the Year. As director of the practice, it’s important to me that we provide professional, personalized service. I want to help our clients feel reassured, that they’ve seen new possibilities for their health, and know they’ve found an expert they can truly trust with their health and body.

In addition to educating people about the possibilities of chiropractic for optimum health and wellness, I’m passionate about empowering and preparing women for natural birth, following the natural water births of my own children at home.

Mum’s The Word

When I’m not working at the practice or being a mum myself, I host “Mum’s The Word”, an award-winning podcast that provides mums and mums-to-be with the natural, honest, and reliable resources they need to keep their families happy, healthy, and safe.

Associate Chiropractor

Dr. Anna Beaton
BAppSc (CompMed) MClinChiro (Honours)

I’m Dr. Anna Beaton, an Australian-born chiropractor dedicated to helping babies, children and families create and maintain health through a strong nervous system.

Chiropractic has been part of my life since my first adjustment just a few days after I was born. Growing up with my whole family under chiropractic care, I experienced a real difference in our family’s health compared to that of my friends. From there, becoming a chiropractor was simply a natural choice.

I use a blend of techniques, but in particular, I have an advanced certification in the sacro-occipital technique. This uses a lighter touch but can achieve incredible results for all ages, in a gentle way.

I’m grateful to be in a profession where I see every day just how amazing the brain and body is. There’s incredible wisdom in the body. I am passionate about helping people understand that wisdom: what the body is capable of, and what it can do for you.

At Wellbeing, we support people with a safe, calm, nurturing environment for healing. I’d like our clients to walk out the door knowing their body is functioning much better, and they’ve just had an experience that is going to change their day.